The Kaufungen Veterinary Clinic  exists since 1994.
The expertise oft the clinic allows patient treatment on a high level.
You will get information on the following pages on:

  • Clinic of small animals
  • Clinic of horses
  • Station of artificial insemination
  • Inpatient care of pets and horses
  • Fields of expertise
  • Veterinary services

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Main building – reception for equine and pet patients

Aerial view “Kaufungen Veterinary Clinic”

The Kaufungen Veterinary clinic is a
training facility for:

  • Specialised veterinarian in horses
  • Specialised veterinarian in horses
  • Specialised veterianrian in reproduction

Foundation of the Veterinary Clinic Kaufungen

Veterinary practice for horses since 1994

Opening of a veterinary practice for small animals

Dr. Birgit Kähn becomes head of small animal care at Tierklinik Kaufungen.

Training facility for specialists for horses

Accredited by Landestierärztekammer Hessen. Education authorisation was given to Dr. Dr. habil. Wolfgang Kähn.

Insemination station for horses

Accredited by Hessian state government.

Veterinary Clinic

Accreditation to “Tierärztlichen Klinik” by Landestierärztekammer Hessen

Training facility for specialists for veterinary reproduction

Accredited by Landestierärztekammer Hessen. Education authorisation was given to Dr. Dr. habil. Wolfgang Kähn

EU acknowledged station for horse insemination

Accredited by Hessian state government.

Start of horse clinic new construction

New buildings for orthopedics, the insemination station, an exercise hall, trotting course for pre-purchase examinations, mare, stallion and quarantine stables.

Training facility for veterinary specialists for small animals

Accredited by Landestierärztekammer Hessen. Education authorisation was given to Dr. Birgit Kähn

Cat Friendly Clinic

Accredited by International Cat Care